21st Century Learning Centers

21st Century Learning Centers


Nadaburg Unified School District was awarded a 21st Century grant in 2014 to operate 21st Century Learning Centers at both campuses.  The 21st Century Learning Centers provide for before/after school activities, family engagement events, and our summer school program. 

The 21st Century grant requires us to build programs around four core domains:

  • Academic Improvement and Support (Tutoring/Summer School)
  • Youth Engagement (Robotics, Cooking, Sewing)
  • Family Involvement (Zumba Class, Workshops)
  • Community Support (Partnerships, volunteer programs)

Each school follows the grant framework, but implements individualized programs to meet their community's needs.  Please contact the site coordinator or the program specialist for more information.

Site Coordinator for both campuses:

Julie Mackenzie, jmackenzie@nadaburgsd.org

Jen Carlson, 21st Century Specialist  (623) 388-2115 or jcarlson@nadaburgsd.org