Rates and Fees


Program Rates and Fees


Preschool Program

Regular Preschool Rates

Extended Preschool

12 month to 35 month

Only available at Nadaburg Elementary
Only available with Early Head Start Program

36-60 Months

$425.00 a month

$185.00 a month M-F

$140.00 a month M-Th

State Funded Preschool, Additional Time

$165 a month

Same as Above


School Age Program



Friday Only

Drop In





Registration fee

Registration Fees

March 21st-April 21st

April 22nd- May 20th

After May 21st

Returning Families




New Families




Other Fees and Discounts

Camp Programs:

Daily Rate (1 day of Camp)    $30 per a day

Weekly Rate                                           $125

Summer School Program       Requires $25 non-refundable deposit

For families who receive a 100% scholarship you are required to pay the $25 as tuition.

 Other Fees:

Late pick up fee.  First thirty (30) minutes $1 per a minute, 31 minutes and after $2 per a minute.  Director of Educational Services may waive up to one late fee pick up if the circumstances are deemed an emergency or unavoidable, and there is no history of prior late pickups.

Late Payment Fee.  Any late payments after the tenth of the month, $10.  Director of Educational Services may waive up to one late payment if extraordinary circumstances exist.

 Returned Item Fee.  Any payments returned from a financial institute, $25 plus any applicable late fees.  If two items or more are returned in an academic year the district will require a secured payment (money order or cashier’s check).

 Ten percent discount for multiple students, applied to the highest tuition rates.  Ten percent discount applied if annual tuition is paid in advance.  There are no refunds available if tuition is paid in full for the year. 

 The district will waive excess fees when being paid by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, but will not waive required co-pays.