Work Orders - IT Requests

IT Requests and Work Orders

What is Kace I.T. Help Request?

To submit a request for technology assistance, please use Kace, not email. Kace is designed specifically to help schools, both K-12 and higher education, manage facilities, maintenance and technology.

To submit a technology help request please use Kace Tools 

Maintenance requests are handled through SchoolDude id#  115063339 

Why should you use Kace?

We use Kace because it helps the IT department to see what problems are happening in trends and how can we stop the trend. It helps monitor and track the number of issues we face to ensure adequate support for our schools. The Kace form is used to help us determine what tools may be necessary to resolve the issues you face.

How to use Kace

Your login is the same login as your network login.
Kace New Ticket
This is what it will look like after you have entered your assistance request. You can track the progress and send information to us if needed.  Or simply Click the NEW button to enter a New Request.
 Kace New Ticket

 Please fill in the title, category, the location and click Save.