Parent Guide to AzMerit

Students in grades 4-8 recently brought home their 2017-2018 school year AzMerit results.  This guide will assist you in understanding what the results mean, what purpose the results are used for, and how to read the scores.  AzMerit is a once a year assessment that should be considered a part of your child’s overall academic achievement, not the only measurement. 

If you have specific concerns, or questions you would like to address we recommend contacting your child’s teacher(s).

What is AzMerit?

AzMerit is a summary assessment that provides information about your child’s abilities.  The test is conducted every spring for grades 3-8 in Math and English Language Arts.  The test was designed to have more complex questions compared to the no longer used AIMS test.  Furthermore, the test was aligned to the newer adopted standards in Arizona over the past few years.  Over the past four years our technology teachers have been developing students’ skills in answering enhanced technology questions, while our classroom teachers have focused instruction on the newer standards.

What do the results mean?

AzMerit is an end of year summary assessment that provides another measurement of your child’s achievement.  The test measures math and English Language Arts.  Each subject has a breakdown of categories that is helpful to understand how your child performed in different areas.   AzMerit results are one component of your child’s performance.  When considering their overall performance you should also consider their classroom performance, and district assessments.

How does Nadaburg use the results?

Nadaburg, utilizes the AzMerit results in two ways.  First, we use the overall data to make decisions about how teaching and learning occurs in the district.  Second, we recognize individual student success and opportunities for improvement to assure they reach their potential. 

Why am I just receiving scores now?

Districts do not begin receiving the AzMerit data until late May, and throughout the summer.  The State Department of Education requires us to hold the data for a certain period of time before we can release it to the public.  This gives schools the opportunity to validate their data. 

How do I read my child’s test report?

The test report will indicate your child’s individual performance, along with the averages for the school, district, and the State of Arizona for that grade level.  You can learn how to read the report in detail by clicking the link, How To Read My Child’s AzMerit Report.

How To Ready My Child's AzMerit Report

How can I support my child to perform their best?

There are several ways parents can help their children reach their fullest potential.  Assuring your child comes to school rested, and prepared for school has a significant impact on their attention in school.  Assisting with homework, school work, and talking about school is also very beneficial.  During testing time making sure they have plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive to school on time helps them perform their best.

The National Parent Teacher Association developed grade level guides for Math and ELA for parents/guardians that are very helpful.  You can access them below in understanding what your child should know, and will learn in school.

National PTSA Parents Guide to Success

What school resources are available to support my child?

Nadaburg, offers a vast amount of intervention programs to support academic achievement.  We have a robust tutoring program that operates September-April of every year.  We also have an intervention math and reading program during the school day to support students who need support.  At the end of the year we have a three week summer school program that helps students review the prior year learning, and prepare for their next grade level.  You may also request your child be referred to the Student Success Team.  This team provides specified interventions and supports to assist your child.  We recommend you speak to your child’s teacher and see which programs are best for them. 

What is Move On When Reading (MOWR)?

Move on When Reading is a state law in which students at the end of third grade must meet the minimal proficient level to be promoted to 4th grade.  There are some exemptions to the law that include students in special education, in an intervention referral process, two or less years of English proficiency, and/or has a history of performing at grade level.  Nadaburg, has implemented a procedure to identify early students who are at risk of not making the MOWR requirement. 

I would like to know more about the AZMerit Test?

You can find more information about the AzMerit test through Expect More Arizona, or the Arizona Department of Education.  Both sites provide detail information about the test, and the development of the test. 

Expet More Arizona-AzMerit Information

Arizona Department of Education-AzMerit Parent and Student Information