School Age Programs

Resource is a special education service that is provided to students as a part of the child's instructional supports.  The goal of the resource program is to address the unique needs of students in the areas of academics and social/emotional support in each child's least restrictive environment.  Students who are identified with a qualifying disability receive an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is developed through the MET (Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team) in which parents/guardians are encouraged to be active participants.  Students receive support in areas identified on their IEP with established goals.  Resource may occur in a classroom with a smaller setting, or integrated in the child's general education classroom depending on the child's IEP accommodations and modifications.

The Navigator program is for students in grades K-8 that have delays requiring higher level of supports.  Students become members of a Navigator class with specific goals to meet their academic and/or social/emotional needs.  Navigator classes are smaller than a typical classroom size with a certified teacher, and highly qualified paraprofessionals.  The goal of the Navigator program is to give students the skills and strategies to be successful in a general education setting when they are ready.  

The Compass program is for students who need extensive supports with social/emotional concerns.  Students in grades K-8 are assigned to a small classroom environment with a certified teacher, and highly qualified paraprofessionals.  Students work with a counselor and behavior coach to develop the skills they need to interact appropriately in social situations.  The Compass program goal is to have students gain strategies and skills in order to return to a general education program and be successful with their peers.