Get Involved

On this page you will find links and information about ways you can be involved in the decision making processes at the District and/or School level.   You will also find information regarding how you can support our schools and district with your time or money!

Site Councils:

The site councils at each school are designed to work with the teachers and principal to ensure a quality educational program. The Site Councils are also the "news spreaders" in the school. Part of their job is to make sure all parents know what is going on at their school. Members of the individual Site Councils are listed on their respective pages.

Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSA)

The purpose of the PTSA is to provide a vehicle for parents to support both the school their child attends and their child. The PTSAs at each campus hold monthly meetings, organize and run fund-raisers providing monetary support to the school, and organize and run activities to celebrate the success of their students/children. Without the support of the PTSA, our schools would be much poorer. The current officers of the school PTSAs are listed on their respective pages, as are schedules of their activities and meetings.

Nadaburg PTSA webpage          Desert Oasis PTSA webpage

Governing Board Information

Visit our Governing Board pages that give personal information on each Board member, agendas for upcoming Study Sessions and Governing Board meetings, along with agendas and meeting minutes for past meetings. 

To go to the Governing Board pages, click here.  
 The Quarterly Newsletter for Nadaburg Unified School District

Our modest newsletter is intended to give a quick update to all households in our district, not just parent households. The newsletter is published once a quarter.

To submit requests for information to be included in the newsletter, please contact
Jen Carlson 

School and District Calendars

Each school office and the district office maintain calendars of current and upcoming events. These are updated regularly.

Calendar Pages


Teachers can always use help! So can cafe ladies, school nurses, librarians, and office managers!  Reach out to your child's school if you have time to help out.  Even an hour a month can make a difference.  If you have even more time, great! Put your skills to work helping your child's school.  Your kids will love seeing you on campus, and it helps them to know that you value their education.

The Nadaburg Education Foundation

The Nadaburg Education Foundation (NEF) is a not for profit group that independently seeks donations in support of our district.  The NEF is not a part of our district, and it is not the same as the Arizona Tax Credit, but is another means of raising money to help fund teacher grants and pay for programs that our current budget cannot support.  Click here to go to their page.

Tax Credit

The state of Arizona allows individuals ad married couples filing jointly to contribute to Arizona schools.  This money counts dollar for dollar against your tax liability to the state.  Click here for form 707 from the Department of Revenue for details and definitions.

Ready to donate?  Click here for a copy of the our form.