Curriculum and Assessment

All preschool classrooms use Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum.  Infant/toddler rooms use the Infant Toddler Curriculum for Ones and Twos,  other classrooms use Creative Curriculum for Preschool.  Creative Curriculum provides resources for the standard academic requirements of math, science, social studies, language, and reading.  Beyond the academics though Creative Curriculum includes support in the areas of social, emotional, and physical development.  Creative Curriculum is aligned with the Arizona Early Childhood Standards.

Students are assessed daily for their progress using the GOLD assessment system.  Gold is not your typical standardized assessment system with a paper/pencil.  Children are monitored in their regular settings and the teacher makes note of the child's interactions and activities.  Through samples of student performance, photographs, video, and so forth is used for documentation.

GOLD™ Family Flyer(1).pdf