Annual Reports

Proposed Budget

Adopted Budget

Revised Budget
 FY21 Revised #4 Expenditure Budget.pdf

Annual Financial Report (AFR)
FY20 AFR.pdf

The actual revenue and expenditures completed after the end of the fiscal year. This file must be submitted to the Arizona Department of Education by October 15.  The submitted report can be accessed at the Arizona Department of Education's website by using the following link:  
Single Audit Reporting Package (SARP)
2019 2018 
The audited financial statements of the District completed with a narrative to help provide a greater understanding. This report is typically released in March.
Superintendent's AFR (SAFR)

This report compiles data from multiple sources, primarily the District's AFR. Nadaburg's page from Volume II is linked but you can find the complete report at This report is typically released in January.
Arizona School District Spending Report

Arizona School District Spending – Fiscal Year 2019 – Nadaburg.pdf

An independent analysis of spending in Arizona School Districts performed by the Auditor General's Office in accordance with Proposition 301 (2000). This report is released in March but is based on data from the previous year. These reports are listed under the financial year that they are based on, not the release date.