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Welcome to the new school year! 
It is important for children to have a healthy and well-balanced diet! If you send lunch with your student great, if we are feeding them lunch, here are some things we'd like you to know:
Students are given an entree and drink and have several options for fresh fruits and vegetables at each meal. In addition, we are able to accommodate children with special dietary needs. We can  provide vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free meals that meet our National School Lunch Program Guidelines.

If you received Free and Reduced Benefits from last year, you must reapply in order for your benefits to continue for the 2020-2021 school year. It is important to reapply on or before Monday, September 21, 2020. If you need a new application they are available at each school site, or you can download the instructions and application  from the Free-Reduced Lunch Application page of this website, OR, you can use the link on that page to apply online.

The district has a 'no charge' policy. If your child has a negative account balance, and he/she chooses to eat breakfast they will be provided with toast and milk at no charge until their account is paid in full. If your child should choose to eat lunch and he/she has a negative account balance they will be provided with a cheese sandwich and milk at no charge until their account is paid in full. You are encouraged you to provide your child with money if they plan to eat in the cafeteria. Breakfast is $1.00 and Lunch is $2.85 daily. Reduced Breakfast is $.30 and Reduced Lunch is $.40 daily. If paying for your child's lunch is a financial burden, please fill out the application for free and reduced lunch.

Lastly, if you are paying by check, please make it payable to Nadaburg Unified School District (NUSD). To help ensure that your payment is credited to the correct account, please note the school (DOES or NES),  your child's name and their lunch account number in the memo area of the check.

Should you need any additional information, have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your child's cafeteria manager,
Desert Oasis - Barbara Hogan
Nadaburg - Barbara Hogan
Kerre Labs
NUSD Food Service Manager