Nadaburg On-Line

Nadaburg Online

Nadaburg provides certain technology at home on-line as well as when you are on campus.

To call out sick, or to arrange for a sub for a future date, use AESOP
Technology requests
To submit a technology help or maintenance request please use Kace Tools 
Maintenance requests are handled through SchoolDude 
Detailed instructions appear under the IT department's page
To access your gradebook from OFF campus: Click here
To access your gradebook or attendance from ON campus: Click Here
For a tutorial on how to use Gradebook please go to
To access your email OFF campus:
Enter your username in the following format: and then enter your normal computer network password.
To access your Email ON campus:Click here 
To change your district password from home: Click here
To change your district password from campus: Click here
To access Visions: