504 Educational Plans


Section 504 Plans


Who Qualifies for a 504 plan?

A student who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  Major life activities include but are not limited to such functions as learning, reading, concentration, thinking, sleeping, and major body functions and so forth.  A substantial limitation is   limitation in the performance of one or more major life activities or major bodily functions that the average student in the general population can perform.


The 504 Process.

A child may be referred to the 504 team for an evaluation by their parent/guardian, staff member, or even themselves.   The 504 team will evaluate existing data, collect information, and determine the child’s present levels and compare those with the typical student.  The team will make a determination of the child qualifies for 504 plan.  If the child qualifies the team will collaborate to develop a 504 plan.


Length of the 504 plan

Typically 504 plans are developed for one year, unless the disability is short term and does not require a longer plan (e.g. broken arm).  However, any team member may call a 504 team meeting if the interventions appear to not be effective for the child, or new information is available. 

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Who Do I Contact About My Child's 504 Plan

If there are concerns about your child's accommodations or needs being met with their 504 plan, please follow the line of communication to assure your concern is addressed as quickly as possible:

Child's teacher(s)
Site 504 Coordinator
School Principal
Coordinator of Special Education
Director of Educational Services



To inquire about a 504 Plan:
Nicole Lee, Administrative Assistant, for Special Education and Federal Programs 

Site Coordinators:

Nadaburg Elementary
Melanie Watson mwatson@nadaburgsd.org 623-388-2321

Desert Oasis
Marija Arsenovic
marsenovic@nadaburgsd.org 623-556-5880

Preschool/Early Childhood
Barbara Staten bstaten@nadaburgsd.org

District Coordinator:  

James Scott, Director of Educational Services