Kindergatren Module 1

Kindergarten Module 1

Learning Numbers 1-10


Helpful Documents:

Kinder Module 1 Calendar

Kindergarten Module 1 Parent Tips

Module 1 Homework Helpers Lessons 1-37

Kindergarten Module 1 Sprints

Helpful Videos for Module 1

Model with a 10 Frame
A Parents Guide to a Rekenrek
How To Make a Rekenrek
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Magic Math Fingers​​​​

Module 1 Fun At Home:

  • Play the license plate game with numbers as you walk through your neighborhood. Have them look for a 1 on a license plate. Then find a 2, then a 3, and so on.                                                
  • Write your name and a family member’s name. How many letters are in your name?
  • How many are in your family member’s name? Which name has more?
  • Look through a store ad. Cut out numbers 0-20. Put the numbers in order from least
    to greatest.
  • Grab a handful of an item, cereal, beans, etc. Estimate how many pieces you grabbed.
    Now count them. Was your estimate close?
  • Estimate how many spoonful it take to finish a bowl of cereal. Count each spoonful as
    you eat.
  • Walk around your home. Count how items are plugged into the wall.
Show the number 5 in as many ways as you can. Use pictures and numbers